Frownies chin up mask


This Trial Chin-up Peptide Neck and Chin Mask is designed to provide jawline support and firming and toning of the chin and neck with the help of polypeptides. With daily use, this mask will help to firm and tone your chin for a more defined jawline. "Chin up These mask made my neck look so good ,gets rid of dry wrinkled old look . Wore every morning for a while now every couple of mornings I put it on the keep neck and chin looking younger" - Linda Hinton "Turn my Frown upside down" The entire Frownies product line has been ah-may-zing!!! No joke, figuring out how to unwrap/unfold the neck and chin mask was a bit of a challenge at first, mainly because it is SATURATED with serum, but after a couple, you get it.